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Genuine Jewelry Guarantees

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Online Shopping Guarantee"Great jewelry at great prices quickly to your door". That's how we would like to think of ourselves. We believe in strong organic growth over a period of time based on customer trust and the quality of the value we offer. In order to do that, we offer a value guarantee with what we sell. These guarantees are as follows:

  • Only Authentic Jewelry

    • We do not sell imitation jewelry or jewelry with man-made gemstones. Our jewelry designs are produced in 14K gold, platinum and pure sterling silver with certified diamonds, Russian amber and natural gemstones of the highest quality. Our designs are hand-picked from the best jewelry centers and local artisans from around the world. We make rigorous efforts to bring only those designs that pass our quality tests. Our jewelry buyers are experts in jewelry and gemology, experienced travelers and multi-lingual.
  • No Illusionary Discounts, No Hidden Fees or Charges

    • We firmly believe that beautiful jewelry does not have to steal your wallet. In today's world of crowded high-priced malls and departmental stores where a reasonable price is only an illusion, we want consumers to enjoy the beauty of real genuine jewelry at realistic prices without the high mark-ups and illusionary discounts. We have made a commitment to offering the quality you deserve at fair and low prices. This way you know what the real price is. That's what we call Straight Low Price - which is without hidden surcharges, fees, or unexpected shipping costs.
  • 30 Day Returns

    • Jordan Bass Jewelry offers 30 day return guarantee. We strive to offer a good value with a genuine and quality product, low prices and a satisfying customer service. However, we understand that in some cases you must return. Buyer's remorse can be one of them. No problem! We stand behind the quality of our products and will accept your returns. You do not need to return the free velour pouches or free gifts if any. Those are yours to keep. Just return the purchase you have paid for.
  • Quick Refund Processing

    • It is just fair that we process your refunds at least as quickly as you paid for the order when you made the purchase. The credit card account that you have paid the original purchase with will receive a credit (excluding shipping, handling and insurance charges). We process your returns immediately upon receipts (usually in a few hours), however your credit card company may take a day or two to display the refund in your account. In all other cases, you will receive a check from Jordan Bass. Our team works hard to process your refund quickly.
  • No Profit on Shipping Costs

    • We do not make profit on shipping costs as most online businesses do. All purchases over $200 are shipped free of shipping costs. For other orders, we have low and standard shipping costs starting at just $10. You also have an option to choose lower and customized shipping costs through FedEx and USPS based on your address zip code.
  • No Sales Taxes outside Texas

    • You will not pay sales taxes on your purchases if your order is being shipped outside the state of Texas. Orders shipped within Texas pay 8.25% sales tax. International taxes such as VAT may apply depending the country of destination.
  • Conflict Free Diamonds

    • Conflict diamonds are blood diamonds. Diamond mines in politically unstable parts of central and western African countries are controlled by few revolutionary groups and where innocent human lives are subjected to torture, terrorism, violence and human rights abuse and in many cases the ultimate prices - death. It has brought death, destruction, grief and agony to human lives around the world. We do not sell conflict diamonds and we make sure that are diamonds are bought only through the certified "Kimberly" diamond process.
  • Free Jewelry Authenticity Certificate

    • Whether it is diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry or just un-studded gold, platinum or sterling silver designs, we provide free jewelry authenticity card or diamond grading card along with your purchase - irrespective of the order value. This certificate of authenticity will state that the diamonds, gemstones and Russian amber are authentic along with the precious metals used.
  • Free Diamond Appraisal Certificate from GIA or AGS

    • Each purchase of diamond rings of a center diamond of 1 carat weight and above will come with a free GIA or AGS diamond certificate. The Gemological Institutive of America (GIA) and American Gemological Society (AGS) are considered the standard for appraising and certifying diamonds.
  • Free Diamond Grading Card from Jordan Bass

    • In addition to the GIA and AGS diamond certificates, we offer our own diamond grading card for all diamond jewelry purchases - irrespective of the carat weight or purchase value. Your diamond grading card will state the 4Cs of diamond and approximate retail value (on the date of the purchase).
  • Privacy Policy to Protect You

    • Customer’s trust is our most important asset. At Jordan Bass, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. Our policy is to ensure that your information is secure and you feel secure as well about shopping at Jordan Bass. When you submit personal information, it is protected both online and off-line. Whether you purchase a product, send a gift, or request our newsletters, you do so under up-to-date encryption/security policies and technological safeguards. WE also strictly adhere to our "No-Spam Policy"..
  • Courteous Customer Service

    • Our customer service stands ready to answer your questions and help with placing orders from 7 am to 7 am all 7 days a week. There are many ways to order. You can place orders online or by fax or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many ways to order. Pick your choice of how you would like to order: All orders are processed within 24 hours and orders placed by 3 P.M. are shipped the same day.

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